Group Health Insurance

Choosing a health insurance plan for your employees is an important decision. We help you to make informed choices that will save you time and money. There is no one, “best” plan but there are some individual and company health insurance plans that are better than others for your particular needs and preferences. Your preferences determine not only which health plan is best for you, but also what type of health coverage (ex. PPO, HMO, Health Savings Account, or point of service plan) will make you and/or members of your group plan feel the most confident and comfortable. Altenbern Insurance works diligently on the behalf of individuals and companies. We analyze health care needs on a company-wide basis, and provide you with information and quotes from a wide range of reputable, well-established, national companies.


The quotes we provide are the same, exact quotes/rates insurance companies quote over the telephone and online. Altenbern Insurance’s experienced professionals do all the work:
  • Assess your needs & preferences in person, by phone, or by online form.
  • Explain all the options available to you, including customized plans for special situations.
  • Provide you with comparisons on monthly premiums of multiple insurance plans, before you buy.
  • Walk you through the insurance company’s paperwork.
  • Act as interface between you and the company you choose, including follow-up wherever necessary until your insurance claim is paid.
  • Explain benefits to your employees, process their applications, handle coverage, claims, billing, questions, and other related matters.

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